Mantengo una lista de acciones post-refresco que me gustaría tener cuando refrescamos una Sandbox.

Muchos de ellos son extraídos de la  documentación de Salesforce.

  1. Disable Scheduled Apex Jobs
  2. Disable Outbound Messages or point them to QA server endpoints
  3. Reconfigure External Web Service calls for a non-production environment
  4. Disable Analytic Snapshots
  5. Get the new Sandbox Org ID and instance Id if required
  6. Remove the email suffix for required users
  7. Create any required users who don’t exist in Production
  8. Regenerate (or completely disable) Inbound Email Services
  9. Delete / modify entries in Remote Site Settings if you don’t want to perform certain callouts
  10. Disable «Big Deal Alert» on Opportunities – can be embarassing to send an email with «My awesome test Opp !!1» to CEO
  11. If you have managed packages with API keys (like FinancialForce) – ask their support teams to regenerate the keys
  12. If you have «power users» that will coordinate User Acceptance Testing – create entries in Delegated Administration area so they can «login as»
  13. If you want to see the «send an email» button on Activities related list or wonder why you don’t get any notifications from approval processes – set Email Deliverability to «All Email»
  14. Consider implementing SandboxPostCopy to automate steps in Apex after a sandbox is copied.
  15. Cargar datos maestros
  16. Replicar datos de Producción
  17. Ofuscar dastos que haya indicado el responsable como «sensibles»
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