Guide to C50AI Artificial Intelligence certification by Harvard

I am thrilled to announce that I have successfully completed the «Introduction to Artificial Intelligence with Python – CS50AI» course offered by Harvard University Mas I would like to extend my gratitude to individuals like David Malan and Brian Yu for delivering such fantastic and authentic content on the subject of AI.

This is not the Verified Certificate, but a temporary one

As a computer engineer, I was feeling overwhelmed by the vast amount of information and advancements in the field of AI that I was not familiar with. Thus, I challenged myself to acquire a basic understanding of how AI works, which is the foundation of all the AI-based projects that are being developed currently.

Although I am far from being an expert in AI, I feel more comfortable and confident in my understanding of the basics. The course was challenging and pushed my Python skills to the limit, especially as a Java developer. However, it was a great learning experience to understand the differences between the two programming languages.

If you are not proficient in Python, I suggest taking some time to brush up on your Python skills before taking this course. Focus on topics such as data structures, recursion, classes, and related concepts. Note that you don’t need to worry about libraries like Pandas or Tensorflow, as the course does not cover them in depth.


Here are some recommendations and myth-busting tips:

  • Use Python 3.10, no higher or lower version
  • If you are a Windows user, use WSL (Windows Subsystem for Linux)
  • If you are a Linux user like me, do not use Zorin OS, even if you are Irish 🤣 , as Python 3.10 is not supported, and upgrading may break your system. I found Ubuntu 22.10 to be rock-solid.
  • You don’t need fancy IDEs, using something such as VSCode, gEdit, or N++ will suffice.
  • Although the course may touch on advanced mathematics, it is not a requirement to have a high level of mathematical understanding.
  • Be sure to install the required software (submit50) and style50 (even if it is not mentioned in the course). You can find instructions on the CS50 website.
  • I also recommend following a different approach to studying:
    1. Read the quizzes first and take notes on the questions
    2. Read the development assignment and take notes on what you need to develop
    3. Watch the lecture, take your time, and take plenty of notes. Try to match what you are required to do in the quizzes and assignments.
    4. Don’t submit your assignment until you are 100% confident. I failed an assignment because my algorithm appeared to work, but it didn’t cover some corner cases.

Verified certificate

I invested in a verified certificate and paid 169€, as I believe it is my responsibility to support high-quality educational resources. I also hope that my investment will help others access this valuable course.


The course took me over 150 hours to complete, including learning advanced Python skills and completing the six lessons with assignments.

Whether or not I recommend this course will depend on your current skill level and availability:

  • If you are a mid-experienced developer, I highly recommend it
  • If you are just starting your development career, it may be too advanced for you
  • If you only have limited time, I suggest not taking this course, as it requires a significant time commitment to study and develop.

I failed 2 assignments, it was a bit defeating because I got those marks later when I already study other subjects, so I need to review my code and find issues that I did not before. If you fail, breath, relax and open your editor, anxiety then leaves.

Final Word

Finally, I am grateful to my family for supporting me throughout this journey. I had to dedicate long hours of study during the holidays and weekends in December and January, and their unwavering support allowed me to concentrate and achieve my goal.

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